Here's a partial list of the many classes we teach. Check our calendar for upcoming classes, or contact us if you would like us to teach a class to your group.

Enzymes for Health
Ozone is Awesome
Home Remedies
Breast Health
Children's Health
Coconut Oil Benefits
Hormonal Health
Longevity and Wellness
Hula Hoop--Fun, Sweaty Exercise
Herb Walks
Clean Without Chemicals
Weight Loss
Bach Flowers
Massage Class
Kinesiology / Muscle Testing
Hydro Colon Therapy/Certification

Information For Your Health!

You can trust Faith Works for a wealth of information related to natural health. Not only do we provide healing services, but we're continually teaching our clients to be well naturally!


Allergies and Nutrient Deficiency
Aspartame and Formaldehyde Poisoning
Baby Carrots + Chlorine = Cancer
Baby Steps -- Tips for Starting Healthier Habits
Bach Flowers for Emotional Health
Basic Dietary Rules
Brain Food - The 20 Best Foods for Brain Health
Candida - How Can I Get Rid Of It?
Cayenne Pepper's Many Healing Properties
Chlorophyll - Nature's Green Drink
Coconut Oil - For the Treatment and Prevention of Disease
Cold and Flu Remedies

Colonics - the Video
Eat Yourself Younger
Enzymes - We Can't Live Without Them
Eternal Youth Laws
Flaxseed and Flaxseed Oil
Flu Support (Muco coccinum)
GMO's -- Just Say NO!
Hydrogen Peroxide -- 35% Food Grade
Iodine-Why Our Body Needs It
Plastic Products and Junk Estrogen
Water ....or Coke?

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